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Today there are 2 ways of chip tuning: additional tuning box (tuning modules) and software changes in the ECU (remapping).

These two ways cause disputes among consumers and it is very important to make the responsible choice of the most appropriate and correct solution for both the car itself and its owner.

Below guide will show why the use of tuning modules is more preferable than remapping.

You shouldn’t worry about your engine
With tuning module, no engine components are altered, the engine won’t exhaust its performance potential prematurely and this won’t lead to breakdowns of any mechanical part. GÄN is so confident of this product, that the company provides its customers with up to 2 year's additional engine warranty. At the same time, you will keep your manufacturer’s engine warranty.
Loss of the manufacturer’s engine warranty in case of ECU remapping
In case of ECU remapping you will lose your manufacturer’s warranty, even if the breakdown is a result of a manufacturing defect.
Customized GAN modules
GÄN modules are programmed specifically for your engine. In addition, you will have 18 fine-tuning modes to satisfy your needs and make your driving experience more comfortable.
Remappingof engines
Remaps, in most cases, are developed for a whole vehicle line regardless of specific engine type. Thus, tuning of separate components is not feasible.
Simple GÄN installation
You don’t need a lot of time or mechanic service to install a tuning box on your car. Installation usually takes 10 minutes and does not require professional knowledge.
The complex and expensive remapping
Remapping takes much longer and requires special expensive equipment and an experienced specialist to ensure no damage is done to the ECU.
Security system
Double security system of GÄN modules
Since the tuning modules do not alter the ECU, all security systems work properly. In addition, the equipment that was tested multiple times will ensure the engine life does not exhaust prematurely.
Possible overload  due to remapping
Manufacturer’s protection mechanisms can get overridden once reprogrammed. This can result in overpressure and overheating. As such the engine will malfunction quickly.
Reset to factory settings
Instant reset to factory settings.
GAN modules can become “invisible” for your car and return your car to factory settings with just a click in the mobile App. But if you need to visit your auto dealer, it can take a little time, just a few minutes, to remove the equipment so no trace could be detected while your car is being serviced.
Complicated and long factory reset in case of remapping
It’s very difficult to return the ECU program to factory settings. It takes a lot of time and effort. Your auto dealer can still track that the program has ever been overridden.
GÄN. Plug & Play in.

GÄN modules for turbocharged engines are placed between the engine controls and sensors. They modify electronic signals from sensors in real time. Thus, they increase power or save fuel consumption. Installation for naturally aspirated engines is even simpler - just connect the device to the OBD2 plug. Unlike remapping, GÄN modules are independent intelligent boxes that keep the engine safe due to their processor while increasing the power and torque.

Fuel and money economy

With our GÄN you don't have to choose between better performance and fuel economy. You get both with the GÄN. With appropriate driving habits, you can improve fuel economy by up to 15% by using the GÄN.

As higher efficiency brings more torque, gear switch takes place earlier and less often. This lowers fuel consumption. GÄN works with factory ECU firmware and you will see the true data of lower fuel consumption which cannot be guaranteed by remapping.

Канистра -15%
Made in Germany
and tested
in various conditions.

It's no secret that German-made products always have a quality mark. Our company is also from Germany and today our products are used all over the world. More than 100,000 customers enjoy the new features of their car.

Fine tuning via your Smartphone.

GAN developed a mobile app that connects to the tuning module via Bluetooth. You can choose among several driving modes that were designed and configured individually for each engine: Dynamic, Eco, Sport and Stock.

Besides, devices for turbo charged engines have a warm-up timer function. This protects your engine so that it can warm up with less effort in the cold season.

The software is customized specifically for each engine. But if you require fine tuning, it can be done in the special section of the mobile App.

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