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Best chip tuning on the market 2021

Chip tuning market is a very saturated place, one that renowned brands with expansive history share with newcomers and simply those who believe that their knowledge is substantial enough to provide it as a service. In this article we would like to delve into the intricacies of engine chip tuning, what GAN Tuning Buro is all about, its performance upgrade boxes and the benefits you get by going with the best the engine performance and optimisation tuning market can offer.

About GAN Tuning Buro

he company originated in 2018 and houses a team of engine mapping engineers with over 20 years of experience, working for major manufacturers and motorsport teams. We clearly identified that the chip tuning market was over saturated with products that are either not providing enough value based on the asking price, manufacturers struggle to guarantee that their performance boxes or remaps won’t negatively affect the engine and other dependent car parts, others would call their product a race chip but instead of R&D would spend all their budget on marketing, plus the installation process is usually complicated and doesn’t work on plug in basis, even when it’s what is written on the box.

Therefore, we decided to change the market and come up with a range of products that will not only make you feel the change in performance, but also make chip tuning safe for the engine and be easy to install. This is when the development started of both hardware and software, aimed to compliment the performance and efficiency of all cars by all manufacturers, simply because we knew it was possible. The team at GAN spent countless hours optimizing our product range and finally we achieved exactly what we originally set out to do. A range of chip tuning boxes that passed rigorous testing in all possible environments and over thousands of kilometers and miles, worthy to carry the name of GAN Tuning Buro.

Key pillars of GAN chip tuning boxes

As mentioned earlier, our master plan was to bring a range of engine performance chips that would make a real difference to the driving experience for our clients. Resultantly, we singled out and concentrated on three main factors that we saw as critical for the success…

Performance / Efficiency / Safety

…and now let’s delve into each of these points and see why they are important and what exactly makes GAN different to the rest.


One of the main reasons why people look for buying a chip tuning box is to improve the performance characteristics of their vehicle, but increasing numbers of engine power and torque is often not enough and one must feel the difference, which usually translates into the fun of driving. This is why GAN Tuning developed a range of 4 products that aim to add the fun back to the driving experience. Why 4 different products you may ask? Well, it is because we are aware that our clients’ needs may vary and hence our chip tuning product range practically tailors itself and fulfills specific requirements each and every client may have. The measured performance improvement starts from 12% and goes up to 30% of power and torque increase, at the same time improving fuel consumption by 15% on average! Needless to say, but 12% is already enough to fulfill the lagging part of the rev range, whilst 30% is sufficient for a boost in performance that you can clearly define, translating into smiles per miles.

Making chip tuning fuel efficient

GAN chip tuning boxes do not only mean performance, but also optimized work of the engine, making it more fuel efficient, or in other words improving gas mileage of your car as a whole. In fact the final fuel saving figures became our pride and joy, taking into account the combined performance our product line adds at the same time.

Since the efficiency may vary based on the way you drive and how heavy your right foot is, we wanted to give our clients an extra edge being in control of the vehicle characteristics and as a result, released a smartphone app that lets you switch the engine modes and help you in achieving the performance you need, at any given moment. Please keep in mind that engine modes availability depends on the product, as for example GAN GA+ offers 3 driving modes that are Eco, Stock and Dynamic; GAN GTL adds a Custom mode to the existing line up and finally our range topping GAN GT has 5 driving modes, implementing advanced Sport mode to the modes that you get with our aforementioned chip tuning modules.

As a result you get total control of your car’s engine management together with our mpg fuel saving optimization, meaning that GAN chip tuning boxes do not only stand for increased performance, but an efficient driving also, one where you tailor the tune to your daily needs.

Making chip tuning safe

There are many ways how safety can be understood when talking about engine tuning but in all of its instances it plays an integral part in vehicle operation and this is why we went about it as a top priority from the moment of the product blueprint.

First and foremost safety comes with added power and torque, because it as an example allows you to overtake faster, thereby aiding safer maneuvering. More so, we are also aware that most people looking to increase engine performance with a tune, question whether chip tuning boxes are safe for the engine and it is usually the master perspective that clients have when considering chip software.

As mentioned earlier, GAN Tuning Buro prides itself in the know-how the team has when it comes to engine optimization and specs improvements. Right from the start we decided not to develop ECU remaps and go in the direction of performance chip tuning box development because the advantages of the latter solution greatly over weigh the perks you may be getting with the ECU remap. We dig in further on the subject of GAN obd vs remap in a separate article, but the main outline is that GAN tune chips do not cause any damage to the engine, nor do they reduce engine life, since they do not rewrite the ECU software and resultantly never affect engine components. More so, we put our chip tuning boxes through rigorous tests to make sure that everything stays in line with the performance characteristics we promise.

In fact we are so confident in our product line, that our clients get up to 2 years of engine warranty as standard, complimenting the manufacturer's engine warranty that remains in place and does not get void.

So what does it all come to?

Over the course of this article we wanted to give you a glimpse of what GAN tuning is all about and go over the values we follow when it comes to GAN chip tuning equipment. Our team spent countless hours developing the products that help you to get more out of your engine and this concerns practically every subject of engine performance improvement. Moreover, we proved that upgraded performance can exist hand in hand with efficiency and safety, without affecting engine life or cancelling your existing manufacturers warranty. In fact, we decided to go a step further and introduced a 50 day return policy, which lets you try out our chip tuning box and return it with full refund if you think that it doesn’t fulfill your needs and our promises.

Whatever your needs may be when looking into chip tuning, be it upgrade in performance or to save fuel and its long term economy, GAN obd solutions become a no-brainer. You don’t only get exactly what you are looking for, but also peace of mind that comes with warranty and great flexibility in face of driving modes. At the end of the day, we believe that manufacturers would have loved to give you the same flexibility and added benefits, if not the production constraints and deep cost effectiveness that they must put up with. Hence, we simply give you what you should have had from day one, but with more perks that come with the knowledge GAN team acquired in their long history of working in motorsport and engine optimization for blue chip manufacturers.

We are ecstatic to offer you the benchmark beating products that we originally set out to do, the products that in our opinion boast an unmatched mix of performance, fuel economy, flexibility and safety. Moreover, all GAN chip tuning boxes are incredibly easy to install and do not require help from third party performance shops and mechanics. It’s a plug and play infrastructure that becomes ever so important in the times of Covid-19 we live in.

GAN Tuning Buro stands for best chip tuning equipment, German quality and continuous support by industry leading engineers, which as we mentioned earlier stands on three main pillars, the performance, efficiency and of course safety!

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