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If you want to easily and simply increase the power of your car, then installing a tuning module is a new and interesting solution just for you. Plug & Play quick installation system allows you to install the module yourself, and if necessary, remove it from your car without much effort and without leaving any traces of interference in the ECU of your car. This is a great solution for cars that are leased or under warranty from the manufacturer. The young but rapidly growing company GÄN Tuning Büro from Berlin offers a modern solution to increase the power of cars not only with a turbo engine, but also for cars with atmospheric engines.

Modules are presented in 4 versions. The flagship of the manufacturer is the GÄN GT model, which provides an increase in the power of cars with a turbo engine up to 30%.

Smartphone Control

A good example of the efficiency of the modules is presented by the Mercedes AMG GLA 45 model, with factory parameters of 381 hp and 475 Nm. After installing the GÄN GT, the car showed a stunning result of power increase - 445 hp and 590 Nm. The modules have several modes of ECO, Dynamic and Sport, allowing drivers to choose what they need on their own. All this is simply customizable using a free application that can be easily downloaded to your smartphone. The manufacturer also made sure that each customer had the opportunity to use the module’s subtle settings and adapt it to each specific car.

Two year warranty

Thanks to the Plug & Play system, the module does not leave any mechanical or electronic traces in the electronic control unit. This allows owners of warranty cars to squeeze extra power out of their car without a twinge of conscience. In order to avoid problems with the manufacturer, simply remove the module for maintenance, and then install it back. In addition, the manufacturer gives an additional two year warranty. Another indisputable advantage is the presence of 5 free firmware, which you can use in case of replacing a car. The manufacturer has made sure that this process occurs as quickly as possible. To do this, just install the module on another car and download the program for the new car using the smartphone from the server. You do not need to go to the auto service or to your car master. You can do it yourself. And the carbon fiber coating of the module will not leave indifferent the most inveterate esthetes. Waterproof and heat-resistant coating allows the module to be used not only in urban driving conditions.

And by the way, if you are still skeptical, the manufacturer offers an extended period of test drive 50 days from the date of purchase. At this time, you will be able to appreciate the operation of the module on your car. If the result does not suit you, the manufacturer will refund your money (excluding shipping costs).

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