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Andrius ,Dublin ,Ireland
Type of product: GAN GA/GA+.
Car: Honda civic, mk8, saloon, 1.8, R18
I am very happy with the increase in power in my, the car rides a lot more fun, the acceleration is more sharp, more torque feels as well, especially on low rpm . The engine runs more smoothly, has become more sporty, the sound changes slightly at high speed. Installation is very simple, download mobile app, connect device to car obd, drive 120km and the car changes obviously. Change app program is very simple, but I use only dynamic and very happy.
No disadvantages
Hello everyone. I have a honda civic mk8 saloon 1.8 R18 engine. I was always skeptical of power chip tuning for an atmospheric engines. Turbine engines are easy to modify, but not atmospheric, I always thought. I have approached several tuning companies to increase the power of my car, but all in response do not work with such engines. I was skeptical about the power tuning chips. But I found the Gan tuning company page, studied the reviews and decided to give it a try. I ordered Gan +. They shipped very fast, in a few days. I installed it very easily and have using it already for months. And what can i say: I was surprised, my car really changed. The power and torque increased sharply. I can't tell you exactly the power and torque has increased how much manufacturer told because I haven't measured the power of the car before and after installation , but I think it's both increased or close to the truth. If you want to cheaply increase the power of your car, do not hesitate to buy Gan +. I highly recommend. Thanks for Gan Tuning.

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