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Type of product: GAN GTL/GT.
Car: Hyundai Elantra (VI) 1.6 T, 204 h.p.
I felt compelled to write a quick review of the GAN GTL as I feel it is very much worth the investment. I have been into modding cars for many years and I know there are many scams out there. If one does their research, you’ll end up finding the GAN products are top notch and not a scam-these are not eBay race-chips. From what I have read and seen, GAN put a ton of research and quality assurance into their products. While researching I saw a lot of BWM, Porsche, and Mercedes owners that installed these units with pretty impressive results, and usually people with cars like these do not mess around with cheap eBay race chips or other sketchy products. I have tried a competitor’s device that is similar, but after my car threw a code, I returned it since they could not provide me with a suitable solution but rather my car that was listed as compatible on their site was removed. So as you can imagine, I was a little gun shy about trying another brand of this type of devide, but after a ton of research, I felt confident enough to order. Once it arrived, since GAN claimed this install was a snap, I installed it that day. I took be about 30 minutes as I took a good amount of time to neaten up the wires and fix the unit to the engine bay. It has been about 2 months and no engine faults to report, but tons more power to enjoy. My car pulled hard before, but now it pulls even harder as I can lose traction in second gear and third gear if the roads are not optimum. Worth noting, I have a sports exhaust including a downpipe and also intake modifications and the GAN GTL device just seems to take advantage of these mods. In terms of real-world improvements, I took a half second off on my 0-60 times and I feel I could get better times with stickier tires. I used the Torque APP which is pretty darn accurate and did several pulls and it’s consistent. If I put GAN into Stock mode, I lose that ½ second, so it truly works and not just relying on the proverbial butt-dyno. I also wo
Luke Cambridge Ontario Canada
Type of product: GAN GTL/GT.
Car: 2019 Elantra gt n-line
The app is easy to use Setup was super easy, about 10 minutes Works great You can customize the tune with a few swipes on your phone. Can swap it to 5 different vehicles with the model I bought. Plug and play installation
None, it's excelled at every step.
Kenny. Saalfelden, Österreich
Type of product: GAN GTL/GT.
Car: Hyundai Santa Fe 2018 2.2D 200 p.s
Auf Anraten von Freunden aus dem Hyundai-Club kaufte ich GTl Modell. Zuerst war ich enttäuscht und wollte das Gerät bereits zurückgeben, aber dann wurde mir klar, dass ich es einfach nicht richtig installiert habe. Kontaktierte Support und Sie haben mir die Fotos von Installation geschickt (Dafür herzlichen Dank) Kundenservice - 5 Sterne.

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